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Engineering Economic analysis Program

It is recommended for building and HVAC applications and can also be used for other types of economic studies.

O Engineering Economic Analysis

compares the economic life cycle of the projects

The program offers four types of economic analysis that are integrated. In the life cycle analysis of the private sector, resources are offered for investment decisions with the maximization of profits. The alternatives are evaluated based on internal rates of return, present savings, shareholders' equity and total present value.

For the analysis of the public sector's life cycle, the main concern is the cost-benefit ratio for making economic decisions. Projects are classified based on the investment savings rate or the total present value.

The simple payback analysis compares the investment and operating costs of projects in order to determine the payback in that period, useful for quick and simple cost studies.

Finally, the simple cash flow analysis generates a cash flow table for each alternative considered. This analysis is useful for projecting costs over years and for determining the total present value of a project.

Caracteristicas do

engineering economic analysis program

The program allows entry of multiple investment items, loans, and investment depreciation, annual operating costs and periodic operating costs for each alternative. It also calculates cash flow, total present value, net savings at present value, internal rate of return, payback and savings for investment rate. .

Customizes the content of the reports based on the type of analysis performed and, therefore, on the economic criteria used to

making decisions and reducing user effort by importing annual energy cost simulation data from HAP. .

It exports the cash flow information in text format suitable for spreadsheets, facilitating the analysis of the data by the user and provides an online help system and the user manual provides explanations, tutorials and examples of problem solving.

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