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Building System Optimizer

It is a tool that allows quick comparisons between HVAC system designs.

O Building System Optimizer

Evaluates performance and expenses with energy

It is intended for situations where a group of alternatives to the HVAC system needs fast assessment in order to identify one or a group of projects with the greatest potential for energy performance. Users can then study these designs using more specific tools, such as Carrier's Hourly Analysis Program (HAP)

The tool is designed for engineering consultants, designers / construction contractors, HVAC contractors, installation engineers and other professionals involved in the design and analysis of commercial building HVAC systems.

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How it works

In the first step, the weather data is identified hourly, by identifying the location of the building through a map or drop-down list. Data from more than 500 cities around the world is offered by the program. In the second step, it is necessary to describe the type of construction using an approximate approach with dimensions, zoning, number of floors and other information.

In the third stage, the HVAC alternatives are configured, again through approximation, to have a complete and detailed definition of the air-side systems, chilled water plants and hot water plants, when applicable. The fourth phase defines utility rates and in the fifth it is possible to generate detailed reports that help the user to investigate the energy performance of the projects and the execution of energy costs.

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