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Cassette Inverter Carrier

The Carrier Cassete Split Inverter, with variable speed compressors, is ideal for those who need to climate large residential ambients, large rooms and commercial units with uniform distribution in the ambient.


Refrigerant Fluid R-410A
Non-flammable, non-toxic and does not harm the ozone layer.

Refrigerant Fluid R-410A
Non-flammable, non-toxic and does not harm the ozone layer.

Panel with 360° air flow

With eight air vents, it provides a uniform distribution throughout the ambient.

Incorporated drain pump

Avoids water accumulation in the indoor unit and dripping.

Removable front panel

Facilitates the maintenance and access to internal components without the need to remove the product from the ceiling or lining.

Digital display on the remote control

Displays the operating mode, the desired temperature and an easy-to-read clock.


Reduced energy consumption, greater comfort and increased service life for your air conditioner.


Capacity (BTU / h) Cycle EvaporatorCondenserGrillPower (W)Energy Rating Internal Unit (WxHxD) (cm) External Unit (WxHxD) (cm)Net Weight Int / Ext (Kg) Voltage (V) / PhaseRefrigerant GasTechnologyFlow m³ / h COP (W / W)
30.000Frio40KVCB30C538CCVA30515MC40KWEL 2.620A84 x 20,5 x 8457,2 x 75,9 x 57,223 / 44220 / 1FR-410AInverter14003,36
36.000Frio40KVCB36C538CCVA36515MC40KWEL 3.160 A84 x 24,5 x 8457,2 x 75,9 x 57,224,5 / 44220 / 1FR-410AInverter1715 3,34
48.000Frio40KVCB48C5 38CCVA48515MC 40KWEL 4.340 A84 x 28,7 x 8462,6 x 97,2 x 62,628,1 / 61220 / 1FR-410AInverter1715 3,24
56.000Frio40KVCB60C5 38CCVA60515MC 40KWEX 5.060 A91 x 28,7 x 9162,6 x 97,2 x 62,634,4 / 61220 / 1FR-410AInverter2697 3,24


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