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AquaForce® 30XA

AquaForce30XA Chillers are designed to meet current and future demands, which makes them the best choice for contractors, consulting engineers and property owners in terms of air condensing chillers.


Screw Compressor 06T
The last generation screw compressors 06T model are part of the AquaForce line

Screw Compressor 06T
The last generation screw compressors 06T model are part of the AquaForce line


High-energy efficiency

Aquaforce models are ideal for LEED-certified green building projects. They exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency requirements by up to 17% at full load and at partial loads, contributing to the scoring system.



Microchannel Condenser

Optional microchannel condenser with Novation ® technology of heat exchangers that include coils with very high efficiency microchannels. They are up to 60% lighter than conventional exchangers, require less refrigerant load and are easier to maintain and clean.



Refrigerant HFC R-134A

Present in all capacities, it does not harm the ozone layer, is non-toxic, non-flammable and chlorine-free.



ComfortLink microprocessed controls

The optional microprocessed Touch Pilot controller is a user-friendly user interface that features a liquid crystal display and backlight. .



AeroAcoustic Fans

They use the concept of multiple blades, which provides a significant noise reduction at low frequencies.



Better performance

The 30XA fans have an excellent performance, which may be up to 30% higher than conventional fans.



Fins with Gold Fin® protection

Anti-corrosion protection that increases the lifetime by up to three times in saline environments.



CompressorFluid Capacity RangeEfficiency System
Screw HFC R-134A80 to 500 TRAir


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