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Chillers Midea Carrier recebem certificação global AHRI

Midea Carrier prioritizes equipment quality and is committed to fair competition in the HVACR industry.

30XWV: The first VFD chiller produced in Brazil

In order to be in line with worldwide certification standards in its product line, Midea Carrier, the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world, started a relationship with the Global Certifier AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute), an institute that has the purpose is to encourage fair competition in the HVACR sector, ensuring buyers’ trust and discouraging the sale of products that do not have a validated classification.

The first AHRI certificate was obtained in 2008 with the Chiller 30HX. Three years later, in 2011, the 30XW model also received certification, this time in the same year the product was manufactured. It is of great responsibility to follow all global standards and procedures in the manufacture of the equipment, ensuring quality and precision throughout the work process.

In September 2019 Carrier launched the 30XWV model, the first Chiller VFD manufactured in Brazil. In addition to optimizing costs and time in the logistics process as it is produced in Brazil, the product has the ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 30% and, at the same time, provides 33% more efficiency. The equipment, which was manufactured with screw compressor and frequency inverter, represents a pioneer in the sector and, more than that, the item can reach a COP of up to 6.3 and IPLV of up to 10.1 in AHRI conditions. With Chiller 30XWV we can offer the security of double refrigeration circuit and excellent performance in full and partial load, without a doubt, one of the most efficient Chillers in the world.

Due to the result in product performance, the 30XWV model was the third Chiller certified by AHRI in February 2020. We were already sure of the great work done by our team, but getting the certificate from an association that is recognized globally, is the crowning of the result.

The AHRI Certification process consists of manufacturing and exporting products for laboratory testing in the USA, so that they are evaluated under defined conditions that prove the level of efficiency in the requirements of Standard ASHRAE 90.1.

Even though this certification is not yet widely recognized in Brazil, Midea Carrier prioritizes the quality of equipment and takes on the challenge of obtaining the AHRI certificate with all the costs involved. The brand believes that the local industry deserves this conduct, therefore, it offers the best to buyers. We are betting on the strength of the domestic industry and, in times of strong exchange rate fluctuation and crisis like the one we are going through, we guarantee our customers peace of mind when they purchase equipment sold in local currency, in this case, the real.

In order to be in line with the international standards of its product line, Midea Carrier, the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial air conditioning equipment in Brazil, started in 2008 the process of certifying its line of liquid coolers (chillers) with the Program of Product Performance Certification from AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute), a trade association that represents HVAC-R and water heating equipment manufacturers in the global industry, an institute that aims to encourage fair competition in the HVACR sector , ensuring the trust of buyers and discouraging the sale of products that do not have a validated classification.


30HX: AHRI Certification since 2008

30XW: AHRI Certification since 2011


Article by: Cristiano Brasil – Midea Carrier Application Engineering Manager