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Carrier is synonymous with air conditioning. And not just because Willis Carrier invented the first conditioner in 1902, but because to this day the brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems for homes and larger structures like stores, hospitals, stadiums and gyms. This position was achieved by the constant focus on performance, innovation, respect for the consumer and protection of the environment. A work that directly reflects on the quality of products and services, internationally recognized for efficiency, economy and sustainability.

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or Devotion?

When the American engineer Willis Carrier created the first air conditioning system, a history of vocation for the development of the new was initiated. A gift that makes Carrier's trajectory get confused, in many points, with some of the most important advances in industry and science.

But innovation is not just about talent. Carrier's DNA also has a great deal of devotion to the search for technologies that positively transform the environment we live in.

All of this translates into the dedication of several research and development teams around the world, who work to make progress in different areas of knowledge ranging from thermal exchanges to modeling and material optimization software. All of this materializes in the development of products that bring more and more comfort and efficiency, always respecting the environment.

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